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Mar. 5th, 2010


Writer's Block: What is your life sentence?

How would you describe your life so far in a six-word sentence? How often would your 'life sentence' change?

Unexpectedly more normal than ever conceived.

Oct. 23rd, 2009


The Future Is Wow!

As Katya said earlier, I passed round one of my interview today, most likely will pass round two as well.  It's an exciting time, as this is the first step in a transitional part of my life.  Some might think the marriage is/was, but I disagree.  The marriage was already in my head and my heart, an eventuality that came to fruition.  This next part of of the journey however, while being planned and hoped, to me was not definite.  This is the first mile marker towards becoming a manager, and starting my family with my wonderful wife.  And between you and I, I'm really excited at that prospect.   Don't tell Katya tho... 

Sep. 25th, 2009


The Tail of Day 3, The Whole of Day 4

Alright, so we last left our intrepid honeymooners as the were exiting the Strand Bookstore.  They made their way back to the hotel, but realized that the night was indeed still young.  So, instead of resting, rejuvenating and relaxing their sore feet, they walked down and caught a subway, walked some more to catch a Central Park Carriage ride.  I have mixed feelings about this.  The price, was a little steep (though technically we didn't pay, thanks Kimberly and Doc!), but my main reservation came from half of the trip was on the streets of NY bordering Central Park.  I didn't want to be on the street, I wanted to be in the park, where it was all romantic.  Granted, once we got in the park, it was all good and gravy, but the street part was not only out of place, but sorta scary.  I mean, the cabs were going nuts cutting in and out in front of the carriage, I can understand their frustration, but holy shit I thought the horse was gonna freak.  Our tour guide had a nice Irish accent, so it seemed a very fitting gift from K&D. 

After the adventure via horse, we walked/subwayed backed to the hotel.  We were worn out and exhausted.  So we had some hotel nookie and called it a night.  (it was good :D  )

Day 4

I woke up this morning and snapped out of bed rather quickly.  I got dressed and headed out for my morning coffee.  I also picked up some flat bread sandwiches for K and myself for b-fast.  They were tasty to be sure, but the impact on our tummy's was not long lasting.  After posting about the previous days escipades, and running late doing so, we headed out to Battery Park, at the southern tip of Manhatten.  There were a few cool statues, some fake statues, and more vendors in one area then I've seen my whole time here.  And, they all had the EXACT SAME CRAP!  Amazing....Katie got an ice cream, which was freezer burn and noticably re-frozen.  I played the role of gruff husband and demanded money back, but settled on a replacement ice cream.  It was also not an improvement, but K said forget it, and we moved on to the ferry for Ellis and Liberty Islands.

The security was honest to god "airport level".  Insane.  We finally got clear of that mess (my butt still hurt however), and we were shoved into a cluster of huddled masses teeming to get onto the boat.  We made it on finally and the gentle breeze soothed our skin, as the sun was actually out and heating up today.  The smell of Atlantic Ocean in the air (the ocean's smell different, trust me), and we set course.   We decided to skip Liberty Island, as tours for the statue were sold out, and what the hell else would you do there?  Plus, we didn't have to fight the lines off and back on the ferry.  These lines were terrifying. 

We did get off at Ellis Island.  This place definitely had some resonance with K.  She felt a deep spiritual connection with the walls, the people, and the stories.  It did not connect so deep with me.  The only feeling I got was one of wanting to leave.  Not really due to boredom, but just like I was picking up on the desires of the people who had been there previously, everyone wanted to be done with the extrenious process and get out of those buildings.  We had lunch at the cafe there.  Better than most of the lunches you find at these types of places, but still not anything to write home about.

After we returned to NYC, we walked a few blocks to examine the Jewish Heritage Museum.  Another tightly secured area.  We couldn't even take pictures.  We walked the whole museum.  I read the entire timeline of the Nazi take to power throughout the entirety of the occupations, war, and hollow victory.  I think the saddest part of the lesson of willful ignorance to the plight and massacre of the Jews is, we didn't learn the lesson.  We act sorry, and puff out our chests and say, "Well if I was there...." but we are there, we are there now with Rhwanda, Darfur, Tibet, and ironically Palestine.  Not all of these are on the level of those horrific crimes, but how bad must these monstrocities be before we can act?   What is the toll of blood that is needed to be paid?

Afterall that, you need an upper, and nothing makes you feel like being a kid in a candy shop, then, well being in a candy (and toy) shop.  F.A.O. Shwartz was next on our list, and we ran in very excited.  We browsed through out the store, got pictures of us with life size Batman, Harry Potter cast, and Chewbacca sculptures made of Lego.  We looked at all the toys, and then returned down stairs for the massive bulk candy.   We got some sugary treats and departed, in hopes of finding the Warner Bros. store.  Unfortunately it seems that it is no longer there.  This is really sad, as this was truly one of the neatest stores in NYC.  Just to kinda describe a few stand out features:  The corner of the building was an elevator, with glass on both sides so you can see the riders, and they can see you.  As the elevator begins to take people up to the top levels, its revealed that Superman is actually pushing the elevator from the bottom, and everyone outside and inside can see him doing it.  Another awesome thing was as you rode the escalators, gremlins would pop in and out of the walls of the machines, biting on sparking wires and causing general mayhem.  It was a neat store, and I was definitely crushed that we couldn't go and see it. 

We went back to the hotel after FAOS, and I decided to get a cup of joe from my usual spot while K rested her feet and played around on the Wi-Fi (yes hotel, we need today's wi fi code....yes we know it's $5 a day, we are addicted and need our fix).  Directly next to my usual coffee jaunt is a D.I.Y. craft place where you paint your own sculptures.  I've always wanted to do that, and figured this would be a great custom souvenier from NY, so I went back to the hotel, and convinced K to come with me and try it, and I'm glad we did.  We picked out an Astrological chart that we painted together.  It was really a ton of fun, and a great bonding time for K and I.  We actually didn't finish it, and have to go tomorrow to put the finishing touches on it.  Good times tho, and I think we'll be hitting up some of those in Austin when we get back. 

Lastly we made it to Gray's Pappaya!  Good quality dogs at a great price!  They were juicy and delicious just like I remembed them.  I kinda want another one just thinking about them slathered in mustard and vidalia onions.....*drool*  And I got Steph's request of provocative pictures with a hot dog. Though I may have to charge for them, they are quite dirty. 

I wish I had brought the camera link with us, this would've made posting much more fun (and time consuming) since we could post the pics of our schennanigans as well, but for now you'll need to wait til we return.  Too bad, so sad....off to another adventure.

Sep. 24th, 2009


Day 3 in the City

We lazily awoke in our newer, bigger hotel room on Wednesday morning.  I meant to wake up earlier, but I think after the full day of running around in the city really took it out of both of us, and we both woke up 20 minutes after our intended time.  I got dressed fairly quickly and ran out the door to go grab coffee and breakfast for us while K finished getting ready.  i decided to go to Cafe Euro, a little chain bakery/deli here in NY.  Picked up the aforementioned java, two OJ's, two chocolate croisants, and a cranberry and a chocolate chip muffin.  One of the things I noticed about NYC, which can be positive and negative depending on the situation, is that everything is on a much faster pace than TX.  For instance, I'm in line at the bakery, and it's a formidable looking line, and I'm thinking "This will take forever..."  Ha!  Five minutes later I'm out the door, confused and dazed like a teen queen on prom night after "the most magical moment of her life".   But I had good nosh, so at least I got something out of experience.  Brought back the results of the hunt to the woman, and we devoured the meal in good time. 

We were still running late however, so we booked it to the subway and hopped the next train to the Bronx Zoo.  A bit of a lengthy ride later and we were spit out a few blocks from the zoo.  If you've never been to the Bronx Zoo, it's quite a sight.  You have this reserve for wild animals smack dab in the middle of one of the most wild urban jungles.  It really is an unusual site.  The zoo itself is a bit smaller than we thought it would be, but they do manage to fit quite a bit into that area.  We took the monorail tour of Asia's Wildlife, as this was the only way to see certain animals, like the elephants.  After the monorail, we checked out the jungle exhibit, which mainly dealt with rain forrest wild life, and the depressing fact that the rain forests will be gone sooner rather than later.  After that bit of moroseness, we traveled the African Path, which included gazelles, lions, and giraffes.  Soon after that we decided to hit the gift shop, in which we spent a LOT of money, but definitely worth while, as they had some respectively good deals.  We each got a hoodie/t-shirt combo for $40, normally the hoodies range from $35-$40.  We picked up a few gifts for our parents, and stopped at the Dancing Crane Cafe.  It was as unimpressive as you might expect, lol.   Afterwards we saw the monkeys (no poo flinging sadly) and some sea lions.  At that point we were right by the exit of the park that was closest to the Botanical Gardens, so we made our leave and headed that way. 

The Botanical Gardens was huge!  So much pretty!  I don't think we managed to walk the whole of it, just due to sore feet and general tiredness, but we took out a huge chunk, and got all the eye and nose candy we could afford to take in.  After we left the gardens, instead of cutting back through the entire zoo to get to our bus, we checked out our map and saw that if we just headed a few blocks north, we would hit another subway station and get back home.  Seemed like a reasonable plan, and a perfect time to learn the "NYC Lesson of the Day".  SUBWAY MAP IS INCREDIBLY INACCURATE AND NOT TO SCALE AT ALL AT TIMES!   OH MY GOD LIKE WHOA!  We honestly lost track after the 15th block.  Not Austin blocks, NYC huge blocks of doom.  We stopped at a KFC for a huge jug of Sierra Mist, but mostly for the AC.  K really was not feeling very well, and we would've taken a cab at that point, but we were deep in the heart of the Bronx and cabs are very sparse there.  Eventually we made it to the subway and after one transfer made it back to the hotel.  Ironically, as soon as we got back we started to get a second wind.  Although I knew K was more tired then she realized, so I forced her to rest in the room for an hour while I grabbed some coffee and made a few phone calls.  When I returned she readily acknowledged that she needed that time, and thanked me with mouth. 

Now, with us both rested, we "head"ed to the Museum Of Sex.  This had to be one of the best parts of the whole trip thrust far.  There was a very enlightening exhibit on Mammal Sexual Behavior in the Animal Kingdom, complete with statues, videos, and blurbs all carefully, some might say, anally arranged for maximum learning!  After that enlightening exhibit was the gallery of human sexuality in motion media.  Basically, a history of porn!  TV screens flickering all around us with tittilating images and descriptions on the industry's evolution.     The upstairs exhibit mainly contained a schmorgasborg of sex toys and some collector's material of various scandalous post cards, art, and pictures.   It warmed our bosoms indeed.  I honestly dare anyone to go there and not leave at all turned on in the slightest, I'd say it'd be very "hard".  This was another fun gift shop for us, and we spent quite a good sum of money on toys and books and all kinds of stuff that would make my grandmother faint. 

Food was becoming a new priority after this, luckily our next stop was Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop, famous for their hot pastrami!  We both ordered the signature dish, and were blown away at how much meat can fit between two buns (not actually intended to be another sexual innuendo).  Easily the best pastrami I've ever had, grease dripping down my arm, meat falling on my plate, and mustard schmeared across my lips.  *droooool*   SO GOOD!

After we had our full there we were heading off to the Strand Book Store, when a window display caught my eye.   Comics, action figures, and geeky paraphenalia.  I stopped dead in my tracks and about faced.  We wentered the Forbidden Planet.  A two story shrine to all things geek.  Everything you could want in a comic book store!  So much to take in, I needed to borrow a fellow nerd's inhaler just to help from hyperventilating.  I could've never left and been sustained off the pure awesome in that store for all of my life.  I picked out a souvenir for myself, a Spider-man messenger bag, and my best man's gift for James.  

K finally managed to drag me out of the store, but not without me throwing a huge, embarassing temper-tantrum.  Kicking and screaming she dragged me half a block down to the Strand.  Thankfully the smell of books that permeated the place helped to calm my fit.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the strand, it's a four story book store that boasts 18 miles of books in one shop.  That's A LOT!  We wandered around, but felt silly buying a book we could buy at any other bookstore.  So instead K bought a messenger bag to replace her dying purse, and a little zippy bag to go in her new messenger bag.  She is simply thrilled with it, and has a souvenir from the book worm's mecca.  

There is a little more to the day, but I was checking the laptop's time, which is central, not eastern, and now we're late....like usual.  More to come later, but on a quick note I want to THANK EVERYONE again for all of your gifts to help make this trip possible, it's been SO AWESOME!  We are so grateful and blessed to have friends like you! 

Sep. 22nd, 2009


NYC: Day 1

After five hours of sleep, we awoke at 5:00 A CST, to get ready to go to the airport on Monday morning.  We packed our bags the night before, had everything in a pile, and clothes for the day set-up.  Groggily, we donned our outfits, and began to head down stairs to meet my mom who was playing chauffer that morning.  We loaded the truck and headed down 183 to the place of our departure.  We kissed mom, and Austin, goodbye, and walked into the airport.  After the routine check-in and security clearance, we had about 30 minutes until our flight.  Both of us were hungry, although K opted to just eat some bread that she had brought with her, unsure of how her stomach would react to the flight.  I, however, decided to buy the world's most expensive breakfast taco from the stand in the airport.  Not quite out of Austin yet, and already the tex-mex quality was declining rapidly.  We boarded the plane, but unfortunately couldn't sit together as it was packed already by the time it was our turn to find a seat.  I sat directly behind K, and we began our trip.  The flight was peppered with some turbulance, but overall rather smooth.  I read most of the way, a book I had picked up the day before titled Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask.  I got half way through the book so far.  It's not bad, but not altogether good as well.  I'll probably finish it and trade it back in when I get back in town.  We landed in Baltimore for our transfer.  With about 3 hours inbetween flights, we found some food at a generic Italian eatery in the airport.  We ate, and went to our terminal to await the next flight.  I surprised K with a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, to which she squeed and read eagerly while I watched some Justice League cartoons on the laptop.  Our second flight was a short 45 minutes, and we got to sit together, which was nice.  I think it was the unofficial start to our honeymoon.

We landed in NYC and managed to corral our luggage.  We then scrapped our original plan to take a cab from the Laguardia to the hotel once we saw the line of people waiting for cabs.  We decided to be bold and take a bus to Grand Central Station, and from there, after buying tickets, took a couple of subways to the hotel.  I actually really like the subway system for mass transit.  It seems much more efficient than Cap Met back home.  Also, when you're in the subway, under the city, you really feel like you're in the heart of the beast.  These are its veins and arteries, pumping the life force in and out. 

We found our hotel fairly easily, and proceeded to check in.  There were of course the obligatory snaf-fu's.  It seems that the person in our room stayed an extra day due to a flight cancelation.  They offered us a smaller room, with a shared floor bathroom at a cheaper rate, and threw in free wi-fi for the night as well.  We should change rooms this morning to our larger, more private space.  The hotel itself is nice.  K asked if all the hotels were run down like this, to which I replied, "Not run down, just old...been here for a long time, and this is actually nice considering that." 

We left the hotel, already behind schedule, and proceeded to try to find Lombardi's Pizzaria, the oldest pizza joint in the city.  Our fun began here.  We took the corresponding subway to the general area, but failed to accurately choose which direction to head in after getting off the train.  After about 30 minutes of wandering around aimlessly, we pulled out the map, asked a couple of locals, and headed in the opposite direction of where we were going, eventually making it to Mulberry and the pizza joint.  I was pleasently surprised that we were seated immediately.  The joint itself was nice, the bruschetta was excellent, the Margherita pizza was good.  I had a Brooklyn lager to drink, which was a nice drink.  Overall good impression, but not the best pizza, for sure.

After checking the clock, we decided that Upright Citizens Brigade would either be postponed to another day or just cancelled altogether as we were running out of time, and really wanted to wander around Little Italy and Chinatown.  That was a definite unique experience.  We just picked random directions to head beat the pavement against our aching feet.  You walk down one block and you can't spit without hitting a guy hocking the Italian joint he's standing in front of.  Turn down the next street and you're indoctrinated by accupuncture and massage signs, all in some random East Asian language.  A true imersion of the two cultures, with only street signs as borders.  We stopped in for what was advertised as "The World's Best Tiramisu".  Definitely not the best, but damn satisfying none the less. 

It was getting late, most of the stores were closing, and we took the train back to our hotel.  We wandered a few blocks in the area, talking, and finally called it a night, after the obligatory first night in NYC hotel room romp!

I awoke this morning, of my own free will, at 5am and donned my kilt.  Katie was worried about me going out, but I couldn't stay in the room for long and eventually wandered out in search of coffee, which is about as abundant in NYC as hot is in TX.  I've bought two cups so far this morning, choosing to wander around the city while sipping them, rather then stay couped up in the cafes.  As most of you know, I'm not a very spiritual person, but I do believe in energy.  And anyone who doubts that energy can be simply felt just needs to come to this city.  The gradual, progressively more powerful rise of the energy that is exuded from this hub as the morning hours come to flourish is breathtaking.  You feel it in the air, snapping and popping around you.  I walked in circles around the blocks, nodding and greeting most everyone I passed (which definitely got me some strange looks).  I talked to a man named Ramir who was on break from the neighborhood Rx, and we shared little tidbits about himself.  He's been in NYC for 20 years, originally from India.  He says the thing he loves the most about the city is the lack of monsoons.  I drink my second cup down to its last sugary sip, and chuck the cup in the trash bin.  

Back in the hotel room now, I'm thinking I may wake K up so that we can start our adventures of the day.

Aug. 31st, 2009


Munch munch munch

As many of you know, my woman does not delve into the culinary game all to oft, but when she does....oh man, "chocolate peanut-butter banana bread" FTW! 

Aug. 6th, 2009



Seriously, I watched this whole clip with my jaw literally dropped in amazing disbelief....

Jul. 4th, 2009


I'm Awake and You're Not

Idea shamelessly stolen from rowan_elizabeth :

Things that make me happy, this week:

Dead Like Me now on Hulu - You can watch the whole series of Dead Like Me on Hulu right now.  This was a really cool concept that was executed tremendously well.  If you've never seen or heard of it, it's a show about a young woman who was squandering her life away doing nothing.  She gets killed, and by some fluke becomes a grim reaper.  She works with other reapers in the area to collect souls and deliver them to their "final destination".  Honestly, I probably would have named this show "My So Called Afterlife", because it really just has the feel of that show, but with much better comedic moments and very good supporting characters; the least of whome is Mandy Patinkin.  Some of you may not recognize the name, but I'm sure if I were to quote his most infamous line, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." you'd probably figure it out.  So check it out if you haven't seen it, cause it is damn well worth a watch, and it's FREE!

ThinkGeek.com's Pocket Retro Game Emulator - This has got to be one of the coolest gadgets I've seen in sometime.  Thinkgeek.com just started selling these pcoket emulator players.  Basically it's a gameboy, but instead of playing game cartridges, you load an sd card full of roms, plug it in, and play all the old school NES, SNES, NeoGeo, arcade emulators, and GBA games that you want on it..  I've been very ho hum about a lot of the portable systems released since the time the Gameboy advanced went out of style (I know, I 'm crazy for NOT being crazy about the DS, but I'm just not that into it.  In my day we only needed one screen, and we were damn happy with it.)  For only 100 bones you can take all your old favorite games with you WHEREVER you go!  Portable Street Fighter II, Super Mario Kart, Zelda....God I want one of these so bad.  With the wedding coming up it might have to wait till the end of the year, but Spider-man as my witness, I will own one of these.

Green Lantern Movie Trailer - Ok, not really...but damn this should be!  A wonderful fan made trailer for a Green Lantern movie and perfect casting with Nathan Fillion, of Firefly fame, as Hal Jordan himself.  I think this is an excellent choice to play the main lantern and would be a great movie, if it were real.  The creator of this really put in a lot of time and effort with this trailer, and it shows.  The "home brewed" effects are pretty impressive.  Check it out, but be warned, you'll be heartbroken the whole time since you know "this is all a dream".

Marvel/DC by Itsjustsomerandomguy - This is actually something I discovered quite some time ago, but I realized I haven't shared the awesomeness with everyone yet, and since many of my friends are comic fan boys/girls, I thought I'd spread the love.  This series started off as a little parody of the Mac/PC comercials about 2 years ago or so.  Since then the quality, humor, and originality of the skits has greatly improved.  There is even a little episodic series with two seasons all on youtube.  But personally, I still love the sketches best myself.  Here
is the first episode ever.  Keep in mind it's two years old, so the material is slightly dated, but still funny.  Also the production quality improves greatly as the series progresses.  This one has to be my favorite episode so far.  Also, any episode with Batman (especially Batman/Iron Man) is ROTFLMAO hilarious.  The best part about the skits is you don't need a deeply invested knowledge of comic book canon to get them, it'll help probably, but anyone who has just seen the movies will still get what's going on.

Well, that's all for now, see you kids later.

Jun. 17th, 2009


J-ology (we're all this bored right now.

post this bit of non-sense with your first name suffixed with 'ology' and you'll be able to expose others to the study of you... (stolen from Lindsey)
Wasting time...Collapse )

May. 8th, 2009

Aquaman Lego

News of the J

Alot has been going on in my life, hence why I don't post.  I know, I know, all of you who post everyday or even more than that are thinking, "Try another excuse, cause that crap don't fly here..."  Well tough, I threw it, and it's soaring high. 

The wedding is chugging along.  It's hard to believe we're just shy of four months till M-day.  I'm not really apprehensive or nervous, at least not about getting married.  I've already felt like I've been married to K for quite some time.  Just trying to get all the ducks in a row, make sure everything is taken care of, and remind K not to freak out.  In all honesty, I'm very happy with how much progress we've made, but with all the crap that's been going on, camp outs, other weddings, and birthday bashes, we've put off working on the wedding for a few weeks, and we should get back on task before we fall behind.  But I am still proud of everything we've done so far.

I'm super stoked to go see Star Trek at the IMAX on Saturday.  It's going to be a day packed to the brim.  I've got the March of Dimes in the morning.  I'm always for charitable marches, and especially when it's to stop babies from trying to take over the world.  K always looks at me weird when I mention this, but I know I'm not being paranoid, and that we need to be prepared for Babocalypse.  After the march, we're gonng do something....then see STAR TREK IMAX OMFG LOLZ 4EVR!  Then, I have to go win some money at a poker game.  Sleep, work, and blah. 

I'm really needing an actual day off to just sit around and play video games and veg on the couch.  That was supposed to be today, but I decided to surprise my mom with an early mother's day gift and come to her work and deliver it.  I picked up the last few things I needed at HEB and swung over to her work at 11:30a, to find out that she had just left to lunch.  So I said, "Harump", and went to lunch myself at JJ's, and came back here after and she's still not here.  I'm actually typing this at her desk waiting for her to get here.  Hopefully soon, so I can go home and shoot some aliens in the face, or whatever passes for their face.

I like Pocket's things that made me happy so I will shamelessly steal it, and re-package it for my own:


This video made me crack up so hard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJfYAJJYMqg

This link is on par with WTSTD:  http://whythefuckdoyouhaveakid.com/

That is all!


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